Carles Puigdemont Arrested Near German Border

This is quite an unusual post to reblog here, but I have to do it. I must also thank very heartily Angel Fox for her sustained support of my homeland and our rights, and her valiant denounce of tyranny and fascism from Spain.
Spain is not a democracy (has never been, despite appearances) and Catalonia is just one of its last colonies -one of the older, but now this has to change for good.

(As for the original post by Ms. Fox, just let me kindly amend the incorrectly written name of our President: he is Carles (not “Carlos”; that’s how Spaniards call him in their never-ending intolerance toward different cultures and languages.)

Angel Fox Media

1ce290a6aa3e4df7153a614016065dd2_XL.jpgAs if the tyranny of Spain towards the Catalans is not enough, Germany has arrested their chosen President. Puigdemont had taken exile in Belgium from the Spanish arrest warrant that claims he has committed sedition and rebellion by supporting the referendum to free Catalonia from Spain and it’s oppression.  The referendum was held October 1st of last year and resulted in horrific violence by the Spanish police against the Catalans as seen below.

Since then, a new election for Catalan parliament and the presidency was held resulting in pro-liberation candidates being reelected including Puigdemont. In reaction, Rajoy of Spain refuses to acknowledge the election results and the tyrannical behavior of Spain towards Catalonia continues.

If you believe in Democracy, you will support the Catalans who have been oppressed for centuries by terrible governments who abuse their people and use their resources and money for their own benefit.  Spain continues to…

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10 thoughts on “Carles Puigdemont Arrested Near German Border

  1. My heart breaks more and more for you and your fellow citizens. Spain’s desire for control and oppression has far outweighed its humanity for ages. When you fight a heartless beast, the fight can be even harder and seemingly never ending. Prayers and thoughts continue to go out to you, sis, and the people of Catalonia. I know Ari wanted independence so badly from Spain. Hopefully Catalonia’s own ray of “Sunshine” is not far away……=)

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    1. Thanks, John!
      I appreciate much your great interest and your hopes about our future here.
      Things have not gone well in Cat (neither socially and politically nor personally to me and the few acquaintances close to me).
      I was going to send you an email, but I realized that my exclusively personal things are not relevant, and I have not much to tell about my sister beyond the words, now and then, I post here on the blogs.
      Moreover, I should not be online anymore according to my doc, but I’m too addicted for this 🙂
      As for Independence of my homeland, our leaders were too coward last fall and now they and we all are paying the consequences. I think Ariel would be extremely pissed off, depressed and living again in Andorra, or much further. I will stay , and would never go to Andorra because I dislike it a lot for reasons too long to explain. If I’m forced to leave someday to avoid charges from Spanish justice, i would go straight to India.

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      1. It’s okay, sis…..I know things are hard for you over there right now. With all the options you have, it is still sad those options even exist due to Spanish tyranny. I will continue to keep an eye out for stories related to this matter, and keep praying that independence is finally achieved. India would be a good choice, especially with the ancestral connections. God bless, and stay strong!!!!


        1. Thank you so much for all the caring words, John!! About my future, I have sometimes nice ideas and make nice plans, but more usually I feel very tired and trapped in too many problems, inside me and outside. Let’s see … God bless you too, your family and your land 💙 Hugs !

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          1. Hey sis, I saw recently where Catalonia had elected a new President to carry them toward their independence. I am still following this and praying for your country every day that it will achieve its goal. God bless, and I hope all is going well for you!!!!

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            1. 💙 💜 Not going well, my friend; neither personaly nor as a people toward freedom. We have lost this match… and very painfully.
              I will explain more as soon as I feel better, because i’m down and out now. I just want to say i’m very glad for your kind (always sweet) words here (and I see I have an older message from you still to answer). I send you hugs now !!! See you soon 🙂 💐

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    1. I thank you heartily for your kind words and your support 💐 ✨ We are in debt with Belgium for the refuge it is offering to our exiled leaders 💜


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