A Postscript about the VB Award: a doubt, a complaint and a plea

–On August the 1st, just twelve days ago, I wrote a post about my recent nomination to the Versatile Blogger Award. In it, after giving my sincere thanks to my nominator (fellow blogger Cheynoeas’ Thoughts) and according to the required procedure, I nominated in my turn a few other bloggers whom I thought deserved this same award. I chose six after a very long consideration of all the factors and conditions asked by this particular award’s norms. I had the option to choose up to fifteen blogs, but I really had no time to do it, being a requisite to explain each of my elections and briefly describe the blogger’s merits.

So, I nominated six bloggers, exposed their assets and tagged their blogs –in such a way that they would receive a notification to approve the tag and the quotation… to accept the award (or not) and, maybe, send a word of thanks to me; which I honestly thought they would do –at least some of them.

However, not a single one has dropped a single word to me, and except one, none of them have even “liked” the post.

I am not entirely sure to have done all things well: added the right links and said the right words… but after several revisions, I do not see any mistake in this sense. It is also possible that some have not noticed the notification about my directly tagging them. If you have, after twelve days I should conclude that none among my nominees has mattered a darn about being selected and complimented.

And I do wish to know it, just to clarify what has crossed their thoughts. —You know, I felt personally very glad to have been nominated for my first award as a blogger, and then, in spite of being truly busy that day, I wrote several messages of gratefulness and, two days after, a long and laborious post making my own nominations, as I was told to do.

I am tagging here down again four of my nominees (not the remaining two, since one is already death and the other is so extremely occupied directing a newspaper that I directly asked him not to respond to me):

My Nominees (again…)

Just please, tell me if you do not want the award or simply did not like being nominated by me, so I may remove the tags and the comments about your blogs in my previous post (you will find it quickly clicking HERE). Then I would perhaps nominate some other bloggers instead. Also I would feel quite less sad and despised if I knew of some reason for your silence that I am unable to think about right now. Anyway, any sincere explanation, even if it hurts me, will be way better that the icy indifference of your silence.

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “A Postscript about the VB Award: a doubt, a complaint and a plea

  1. Hello Li, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see your nomination! Now that I have… here’s a huge thank you for appreciating my writings. I don’t think I got a notification or something, but then again I’m not exactly a WordPress expert… I’ll definitely look into it now. Once again, huge thanks and I think that your other nominees must have missed it somehow too! Hope you understand…

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    1. OMG, that really uplifts my spirits :! I do appreciate a lot your words (and your having missed my previous tagging! Ha ha!), since I had begun to believe that all of you had despised my nomination, and… I tried to think of a plausible reason for it (and the only one that had come to my mind was rather painful, as I’m, explicitly, a gender-variant person). Thank you dearly, Elisabeth! You have truly made my day ❤ 💐 ✨ – or at least, my night :))

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