Versatile Blogger Award

Just a few days ago this small blog was nominated to the Versatile Blogger Award –and so, recognized with it!– by fellow blogger Cheynoeas’ Thoughts. I feel deeply grateful to her for it; her kindness and her appreciation of my work –and very promptly indeed, since she, Tonya, is one of my most recent followers; just a three weeks old one.

This is the very first award I obtain as a blogger, I still do not know what does it really mean and how it affects or may affect my decreasing blogging activity, this summer (a decrease or distancing imposed by the weight of other, more imperative tasks and the lack of time due to them); I did not even know how to react to it, either, beyond showing my gratitude and humble fondness to this person. I have already done this to a point, but I repeat it now, more formally, here: Thank you, Tonya, with all my heart 💙 ! (A blue heart, yes… 🙂 )

As for the reasons she had to nominate/award me, they are still a bit of a mystery… Just look at the qualities or merits required:

When nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

The single thing I might frankly agree with is the one about some “level of love displayed”… Love is my main interest in life; love received and love given, love sought for and love lost, love as the only force in life that transcends time (let me say spacetime, since I am a physicist –mainly signifying that I was one once in life; I do not work now as a physicist)… In other words: love as a goal. I have tried all the time to show as much of it as I am able to; when writing and editing and when relating with other bloggers. The very blog itself originated out of love, to pay due homage to a darling person lost to death, and to her own blog interrupted less than a year after its creation.

With respect to the rules for the nominees: there are quite a few; some much easier to follow than others:

  • You share a link to the Versatile Blogger award. (Done just here.)
  • You thank the person who nominated you. Link them into your “Versatile Blogger Award” response. (See above, at the very beginning.)
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and don’t forget to let them know. (I will try to nominate some bloggers which I fairly think deserve this award, but they will not –they cannot!– be as many as 15… Even if I am nominally following 103 blogs, I lack the time to read most of them. It would be impossible even if I had all day long to spend on this task.)
  • Share seven facts about yourself. (See below.)
  • Share the logo of Versatile Blogger as your Featured Image in your post and display the rules for the next nominees. (A work in progress right now 🙂 )

7 Things About Me
  1. I’m a Catalan with Romani descent from my father’s side (two nationalities without state, even if the first one is now very close to recover the one it had until the beginning of the 18th century; the second one: Roma –the Romani people – or “Gypsies”, as many still call us– has not even had its own territory since our ancestors left Northern India a thousand years ago, fleeing the Muslim invasions) .
  2. I lost my younger sister past August and my mourning for her will last to my own death –of course, my love to her will last through death(s), forever.
  3. Aside of the rest of my tiny family, my closest beings use to be trees. As I live in the forests, at the foot of the Pyrenees, I have thousands upon thousands of friends.
  4. I also love quietness, books, old movies, classical music, chess, conversation and quite a broad spectrum of creative activities. Nevertheless, my first and greatest interest is –and always has been– spiritual evolution; the rest seems to me rather accessory –and growingly so.
  5. Genetically, I am a man, but androgynous; my gender identity being dual and somewhat fluid; anyway, increasingly feminine these last years (especially the last two years, since my sister fell seriously ill). So, I belong (proudly!) to the LGBTQ+ community.
  6. In a list of my favourite movies, half of them, if not more, would be by Charlie Chaplin (beginning with “City Lights”, “The Kid”, “The Gold Rush”, “Modern Times”…)
  7. I have entirely finished a long novel (997 pages), but after presenting it unsuccessfully to a couple of contests, and just prior to put it in the hands of a literary agent, I deeply realized that I did not wish to publish it in the language I had written it (Spanish)… Thus I began to translate (or better, rewrite) it to one of my own parental (and much smaller) tongues; that is, to Catalan. I am not yet half way through this additional, overwhelming, depleting, but inescapable, work. (After more than twenty years of work well done –honestly!–, to engage in this monumental new task is not, for sure, very clever from my part; but I am a very emotional person, and my increasing disaffection to Spain and Spanish ways and culture ending up in entire disengagement (to say it softly), obliges me.)

My Nominees
  • Edge of Humanity Magazine – An amazing blog, very extensive and plenty of love for art, for folklore, for life, for diversity and most especially, for all the humblest and least fortunate people in this harsh world.
  • Knut Arne Gjertsen Photography – Photographer – preserving nice moments – His are really nice moments, preserved with utmost skill and much love as well. A perfect site to find the true feeling of the North (among other several places around the world).
  • Roger’s Gleanings – Roger W. Smith’s writings: personal essays and reminiscences; views; literature; culture; day to day jottings; people and places – A trove of memories, musings and stories exquisitely (and most honestly) written by a man of high culture – and a lover of baseball, as he, himself tells us.
  • A Russian Affair – my love affair with Russian literature – A cosy, well-pondered –but passionate– and most reliable site dedicated to Russian writers and writings; a must read for everyone interested in this great literature between Orient and Occident.
  • Vicent Partal – Mails per a Hipàtia – A blog in Catalan by one of the best journalists in our small homeland and director of VilaWeb (a Catalan-language daily news outlet that he co-founded with his wife –the first online medium produced completely in Catalan, and nowadays the leading Catalan digital newspaper). His personal blog deals with politics, history, journalism, travelling, private memories and all things related to the several Catalan-speaking countries. — I am very aware I will be disturbing him with this nomination, since he is an extremely busy person, with never ending chores and lots of responsibilities; and so, I did not include him in my first list (“Si us plau, no cal pas que me contesteu, Vicent; he dubtat molt abans d’incloure-us just per la por de dar-vos la gaita!”). However, I honestly could not keep his blog aside of it. I like “Mails per Hipàtia” too much for this.
  • Something Beyond – Poetry, Death, Deviant Life – I feel this may seem nepotism, since this is my late sister’s blog; and even worse, I have been contributing to it many times since her death (always with drafts left unfinished by her, notes from her diaries, translations made by her or, otherwise, some of my memories of her and small tributes to her). — Anyway, since my personal blog is a sort of follow up of Ari’s, if I get an award, whatever it is, Ari’s blog deserves it more. To end this justification, let me say, that “Something Beyond” does really meet all requirements demanded for this Versatile Blogger Award; beginning with versatility.

I have been reading now and then (even quite often) a few other blogs which undoubtedly deserve this award, but some of them already hold several, if not many, awards and have hundreds of faithful followers; also I do not wish to abuse my attributions nominating as many as fifteen bloggers; so, nine more!; without knowing their blogs thoroughly. Last, but not least, I have run out of time, by far, to elaborate this post of acceptance and thanksgiving.

To finally close it, I just want to thank again very dearly Cheynoeas’ Thoughts for nominating me. Best wishes, Tonya, and a big warm hug from beyond the ocean  ❤ 💐 💋 ✨ !

Li Fontrodona

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18 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, sis!!!! I know the feelings must be mixed due to you also tending to Ari’s blog, but you have done a remarkable job of keeping it alive, and her as well, through diary entries and pics we did not before see. God bless and thank you for your efforts!!!!

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    1. That’s really, truly, lovingly sweet of you, my dear John . I’ve been missing you a bit 🙂 but I’ve seen you’ve been in a nice holiday ! So I’m happy for you and I send to you some hugs and a kiss. You are just nice, also with me, bro . you’ve made my evening right now ❤ LOL God bless !!

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  2. Thank you much for nominating me, Li! (Also, Elisabeth Vandermeer. Does she ever deserve

    It’s an honor. I am already aware of your discernment and taste. No writer is free of vanity or a wish to be read and acknowledged.

    Good luck with that novel. I can’t image that it’s anything less than good.

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    1. Hi, Roger :),

      Here I am again (yesterday I was a bit in a hurry).
      I became quite worried with you and some other nominees –especially with you, since you liked the post and, so, I got convinced you had read the post–. I almost couldn’t believe you were eluding me for so many days, but I became sad anyway. Even more sad when nobody was answering me!
      I am very glad and relieved that this was just a misunderstanding!
      About the award itself, you are very welcome :). I like much your writings and also… you are a fellow Music lover. Ha ha ha!
      As for my mother tongue, it sounds beautiful to my ears at least! This is natural, of course, being the one I speak with my loved ones, from my daughter to my boyfriend, and with everybody else in the place I live. But I also love other languages I know –and the more I know them, the more I love them; and this includes English, and quite especially so, since I have had, and still have, many English-speaking friends and acquaintances.
      I truly appreciate your words about my novel. Thanks a lot! ❤
      I won’t speak of it because this message would never end! Ha ha ha! But I frankly believe it is a good novel and I do hope to publish it on paper next year. I will have a bit of extra help about this, since my present mate is an editor –also a great poet (in Catalan).
      A big hug and my very best wishes! 💐 ✨


  3. Once again, thank you so much, Li! And congratulations of course! I enjoyed reading the facts of your life, but was so sorry to hear about your sister. Being close with my own sister I can imagine that it feels like loosing a part of yourself. I’m fascinated by your location, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. I wonder what that does for your writing inspiration, it must help! I once spent 10 days by the lake in Finland in relative solitude (well, with my boyfriend) and it was the most relaxing time ever.
    I enjoy your blog and your comments to mine went beyond superficial chit chat, and I appreciate and enjoy that! You deserve the nomination and I’m flattered that you nominated me.
    By the way, you describe Roger Smith’s blog very well. I shall familiarise myself with you other nominees.
    All the best, big kiss and hug from the big city 😉

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    1. Hi, Elisabeth ! 🙂
      Here I am again, since yesterday I was a bit in a hurry and did not answer many of your comments.
      About the award itself, you are very welcome :)!. I really like your blog and your writings, and had not the least doubt you deserved this recognition (and also any other one, of course!)
      Losing my younger sis was a cruel blow indeed. It still is! We were truly close, even beyond the basic blood link and the childhood and teenage we spent together, since we shared so many things (including our worst issues), that our dad always said we were “delayed twins” (we were born with three years and… twenty minutes of difference exactly : ) So, Thank you so much for your condolence ❤ !

      The place where I live is just wonderful –if lonely, but I like loneliness–. It is a great privilege to be here, far from any road and six kilometres away from the nearest village; the night is truly dark, the stars, incredibly bright and the silence, just perfect. I worked in Barcelona for many years, even when residing here already, but Catalonia is a small country and distances are always short (exactly like in The Netherlands 🙂
      And look, my own boyfriend does not live here with me, but one hour and a half away and comes for the weekends and holidays; and that is also perfect for our mutual work –he is also a writer– and is very healthy for our emotional relationship (it keeps our passion very high and hot as well ! We are always on heat when we meet each other. Ha ha ha !!)
      I am glad (and not at all surprised) that you are good friends with Roger Smith. You are both always complimenting each other, and this is just sweet and encouraging.
      A big hug, a couple of kisses and my very best wishes! 💐 💋 ✨

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      1. Hello again!

        I still have to look into the award thing, but summer is always a hectic and busy time for me.

        My boyfriend lives in Finland, so I can certainly relate to your story 😉 Although I hope to move to Finland one day soon, so that we can see each other more often.

        Wishing you a wonderful and inspirational day, hugs and kisses from ams 🙋🏻☀️🌷🍀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Do not worry, Elisabeth 🙂 Even if you have not realized, you have the award already, and it has not expiration date.
          Thanks a lot for all your nice wishes ✨ ☀️ ! Hugs and Kiss !


    1. I am afraid you are not receiving notification of some of my comments… Not only this one, but others, later on, have not had any answer. I just hope this is the reason (but, you know, I have become accustomed to be put aside by some persons when they find out I am transgender; let’s say about 1/4 of the times. I am sincere. I hope I am wrong as well !)


        1. Okie 🙂 Then, I will send a copy of them to you somehow. As a matter of fact, one of them (about my mother language) is just posted above this one. I am living harsh times and I easily feel that I am despised… I am sorry if this is just paranoid. Best wishes back to you 🙂


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