Ten Months Missing, Tonight: June 13th, 2017

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Though nothing can bring back the hour – Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; – We will grieve not, rather find – Strength in what remains behind; – In the primal sympathy – Which having been must ever be; – In the soothing thoughts that spring – Out of human suffering; – In the faith that looks through death. [William Wordsworth]

How I miss you…!

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7 thoughts on “Ten Months Missing, Tonight: June 13th, 2017

    1. The loveliest person I’ve ever known. No doubt at all. I often wonder why she was allowed to be by my side, in the same household, in the same room, bed, desk and bathroom… So great a privilege !! And I failed to fully understand its meaning and relevance . I let her be alone for years . Now I miss her because I need her, much more than she ever missed me because she loved me.

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      1. She saw you as her rock and support, especially when no one else did or wanted to. You were chosen and blessed to be a constant in her life, whereas all I or some others had to offer were just words over a computer and admiration and love from far away. I miss her too, and the plans she had made to teach me to dance were what helped even me to remain hopeful of her remission in her illness. I miss and need her as well, my friend, however our thoughts and memories of her is what keeps us going and keeps her here with us, even in spirit!!!!


        1. Thanks dearly, buddy ! ❤
          About all that remorse and diffuse guilt I sometimes express in comments, relative to our mutual distancing in a time and the motives for it, I will send a private message to you later.
          Hugs!! ✨

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