Boy & Girl – My tastes about bi-gender fashion

Since teenage and early youth, for many years, I had seldom been interested in clothing and, even less, in fashion; just a little out of empathy toward my sister and also my first ex-partner, and just enough to comment about it with them and –in my sis’ case– appreciate her ideas, drawings and designs.

About a year before her passing, Ariel discovered Polyvore and began to post outfits and collections there. Later on, while revisiting her account and her posts there, I felt like having a try myself, created my own account, collected a bunch of items and began to illustrate my own taste and style –more than once with real outfits, make-up and accessories I owned or purchased, and of course, I wear; but mostly with outfits and make-up I would wear if I resided in Barcelona; which I don’t, nowadays–. A few times I created sets according to my sister’s taste, and thinking especially on her.

I am showing a selection of these sets here along with the captions and comments (more o less summarized) I wrote for each of them.

Boy and Girl

[OK… Girl and boy and everything else in-between –but presently growing more feminine every day. These sandals are lovely and make me feel very girlish 🙂 Not everybody likes me wearing them, but I try to keep my cool and my wish to live and be happy.]

A Boy in Panties and Ballerinas. So what?
[So what?…]

Come As You Are (IV): Hot (and Quirky)

[Defending as always androgynous and feminine looks for boys who feel different, as I do. One has to be very self-confident to wear skirts and over-the-knee socks when not entirely passing -nor pretending to- as a woman.]

Boy on the Fringe

[This is a second variation on my new front wrapped skort. I will probably use it this way, but I still have doubts about the colour of the flats to wear.]

A Nice Buddy's Look and Style

[Trying to approximate a queer pal’s outfit – they wear black leggings and boots, and earrings, even if not seen in the picture]

Yellow Heels as a Statement

[Made for a contest, and worn with much pride of being a weirdo 🙂 ]

Don't You Dare In This School, You Naughty Boy!

[Well… I dared sometimes (at the University), at least to wear skorts and all kind of sandals. But this is a set I dedicate to Ariel, who really dressed like this at secondary school and was finally fired out –but NOT any of the bullies that harassed her.] 

Still a Boy at Whiles - But not much

[Not commented]

A Dangerous Pair of Red Shoes (2)

[As Hans Christian Andersen wrote in a famous tale: “There’s nothing in the world like a pair of red shoes” …
He was right.
And this pair in particular is quite cheap, aside of beautiful :)) ]

Many Flowers & A Single Heart ❤

[Not commented]

Come As You Are (I): Singular

[Defending as always androgynous and feminine looks for boys who feel different, as I do.]

For the header picture I’ve chosen an anime character that my sister liked very much and used several times on her own posts. I have also presented it in a way that she would have probably liked. So, Here’s to you, dear Ariel! ❤ 💐 💋 ✨ ❤  God bless!

All Rights Reserved. [But of course, the Polyvore sets are public and shareable if acknowledging their source] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

8 thoughts on “Boy & Girl – My tastes about bi-gender fashion

  1. Very stylish and girly outfits ! 😊 You go and dress like you want dear. Funny thing : I own the gorgeous multicolored jumper on the second picture, the pink/green/purple one ! ✨ (You can actually see me wearing it in my first shopping haul)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aaawww ! Thanks dearly for the compliment, Oriana 🙂 Also for the encouraging and support !
      As for that knit sweater, it’s a cute ✨ and a must at the price it had (some 20 $ !!) … Sadly, it was sold out when I wanted to purchase it. So I do not have this one. I’m glad you do, because it’s really lovely – and also featurures (almost) the colours of the transgender pride flag. Hahaha !
      I will look at your picture ! Thanks again for your kindness 💙💚

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Love your style! You have a terrific eye for color and shape and theme! I’d be tempted to go with a cherry blossom pink shoe, if it’s available in the fourth picture. Throw that pop of color into the shoe. 🙂 Also, (and I know this sounds odd) but I really, REALLY want to go shopping for nail polish with you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh ! THANKS a lot :))
    You’re right about the flat’s colour in the fourth pic; they would match as well, or better! than the black ones, and certainly better than the white ones.
    As for the last comment… I do like it much too ✨ So, Yep! why not?… Hahaha! It’s not odd ! Thanks again for the flattering. You make me blush and also I enjoy to go shopping in company. A kiss


  4. Nice color schemes. I have always been more of as plain one or two color person with regard to clothing, so my hat goes off to all those who liven it up and bring in all kinds of colors and make them work……clothing is indeed more than just black with white!!!! Have fun with it!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, John ! The truth is that dressing in a sprightly and colourful way helps a lot to lift one’s spirits (which is just perfect when being depressed). If this lifts other’s spirits as well, then fashion is a great medicine. And this, Ariel knew very well. A bit late, but I’m learning from her a lot about how to dress with spark :)) Make-up is also an important part of the play that I’ve missed for most of my life. A warm hug, bro ❤ ✨

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks :-)) !!! I do appreciate your sensible detail above . It’s a haul in these times of change and uncertainty ❤
          (My first ex-partner has begun to treat me as “she” and call me Li just yesterday and I almost fainted because I’m striving a lot now to become passable and convincing


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