Partial self-portraits in unearthly colours

[This post has been kept private for most of its existence, due to my own shyness before and after publishing it. Now, when I’ve openly shown equally, or even more, cheeky photos of myself, that privacy seems quite ridiculous.]


Begging your pardon, and just to document –a bit shyly– my present approach to femininity, after many years of uncomfortable masculinity, and some more of bearable (often pleasant) androgyny, I feel like showing some pictures, naked or almost naked.

I wish I had done this physical shift years ago. Somehow, I began it twice (thrice!)…, but I got discouraged by my younger sister’s early success in the same endeavour. I did not at all feel envy of her, on the contrary!, I always supported her heartily and helped her in many things, but I couldn’t follow her, back then, for many reasons; one of the main ones being that I was older and not as feminine (nor as cute, either) as she was. And I did not had any effective support.

(I was stouter, weighting some 7 kilos more in the second and older picture than in the first. I have lost 5 additional kg. now… and getting slimmer ! 🙂 )

Hugs to whoever reads and watches this without despise toward me ✨ ❤ !!


These following pictures are artistic versions of the first one, in two different turquoise-blue hues. I like them:

Edited nude 2TG14-2 - Còpia
Kneeling nude in greenish blue (by Li F 2017)

T15_1280 xl - C2 TG HD ret brush
Kneeling body in rich turquoise blue (by Li F, 2017)

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6 thoughts on “Partial self-portraits in unearthly colours

    1. I appreciate a lot your feedback, Knut 🙂 (not as much for the pictures themselves, technically, but for what they represent). It matters much to me now, when I’m entering unknown territory! Moreover, I edited them that way, in part, out of shyness to show my skin in true colours and higher definition… -especially at the crotch.
      Thank you, Knut !!

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