Last Proud Tribute to a Humble Girl

Before taking a long break posting here photographs of this unknown and unfortunate model of great merit, I have chosen two among them to play with almost extreme colurs: orange & pink and violet & blue.

Nobody really knew her in all her beauty these last years, so here she is —not on “Vogue” or ” Net-a-Porter” as she once dreamt, but on my petty blog, with all my pride and love for her!—.

She was especial and she deserved to be aknowledged by more than a scanty handful of relatives and acquaintances.

ArF_0003 ret2 Portrait 1b -violet
ArF’s portrait in violet + blue

ArF_0003 Portrait 2 -Orange and Pink
ArF’s portrait in orange and pink

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2 thoughts on “Last Proud Tribute to a Humble Girl

  1. You’re most welcome, my dear John 🙂 Thanks to you for commenting and keeping that loving contact with her, through the veil. All colours became her as you well say !
    Big hugs!


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