Soul in Grace – Celebrating freedom

A dearest soul of mine is gone and free since five months ago today, January the 13th, 2017.
Even in my mourning, I celebrate her freedom from all possible evil down here. No more hard strife, penuries, slights or disappointments for her.
Liberated, disengaged and unengaged, thanks God!
(The header image is a very nice portion of a good photography I shot years ago and I have recently edited as an artwork in my sister’s memory.
It could be named “Body and Soul” or “Sky blue light” (even though the skin’s colour looks more arctic-blue than sky-blue) or “Such stuff as dreams are made on”… I don’t know yet; but “Soul in Grace” seems rather appropriate to me right now as a caption for this brief commemorative note.
I will publish the complete edited photo, with some comments about it, in a next post.)

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