A very sweet smile in three other-worldly colours

The smile here is objectively sweet. The glance (an essential part of the smile) is too. The colours shown are just my fancy, but in tune with the model’s tastes. The only possible discrepancy with her would be the symbolism I’m giving to each of them right now (if so, I would apologize, but I need to speak it out) :

  1. Turquoise blue-green, with some pinky silver (for all her hopes unfulfilled).
  2. Lavender blue (for all her broad culture and knowledge unacknowledged).
  3. Magenta (for her advanced -maybe enlightened- spirit, which perhaps left its mark in this world; the only remaining consolation…).

4. (The more usually human colours at the end just show that she was in fact -at least for a short while- one of us.)

(I realize that the lavender blue hue is the most becoming to her, but the rest are not bad, anyway.)


greenish blue



lavender blue





True earthly colours (with some light make-up, by Ari herself)

Te feril tut o Del, kuch-kamli ! ❤

[Photographs and edition by me, 2007 & 2016: Copyrighted: ©XS9M-4CXD-DJJE-US4Y , ©FQJA-15H3-COKI-O3PG , ©BJ9X-JPWC-ZVWE-CAHK , ©SKML-AK7C-NAVO-CME4 , ©MJTS-MJXC-EG6U-GT2Y ]

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