A Fairy Tale for Fairies and Other Advanced Souls
By Linus Fontrodona

This narrative follows and completes a brief introduction or prologue I published a few weeks ago on this same blog as True Colours of Her (I).

I’ve written it in one of my native tongues –Catalan– and then translated it into English as rightly as I’ve been able. I hope to publish the original version outside the Web, on paper, but the English translation is devoid of any special literary aspiration from my part and, in fact, I did it for posting online. If it has some value or merit is not my task to judge, but perhaps others may do it.

So here it is. You just need to follow the link below to read it in a suitable format (PDF):  [Contents temporarily removed from the cloud – it will be replaced once commercially published.]


But before, you should read this warning and disclaimer, despite its length:

The following story comes from a very odd dream that my sister told me many years ago. To be fair, I must say that I heard it several times, with slight variations -which I attribute more to clearer remembrances than to lose of memory or to figments of her imagination. Anyway I have made an ample use of my own fantasy to fill the gaps and assemble a coherent story with a coherent meaning (at least for me).

Already in its origin, in my sister’s dream, it had an explicit sexual content. She was some thirteen or fourteen years old by then, and -most important- she was a transgender girl, just coming out openly as such. I have been thinking all the while of teenaged people (and addressing to them, mainly) when writing my version of her dream, and I wish very much I could offer it to this particular audience as well as to everyone else. But I cannot. And I have to clearly warn that some things told might upset some persons, hurt their feelings or even offend them.

This is not an erotic tale, not at all some kind of pornographic material in stealth. It is an honest narrative dealing with a real girl’s deepest concerns and feelings, and aimed at people like her, with issues like hers. However, since it deals with sex and with the practice of sex in some of its most unconventional or extreme forms, it’s your own choice and responsibility to read it. But, please, if you are underage or especially sensible to explicit sexual subjects, do not read it!

Moreover my sister is dead now, so l cannot have her opinion or contrast with her some particularly weird points. I know she was going to write all this by herself, but illness and death caught her much before due time. She would, no doubt, have written it better, in better English, so I apologize to her and to everybody else for my shortcomings (or for my failure if I have not succeeded to make the story interesting or at least comprehensible).

Linus Fontrodona





I am deeply grateful to my friend John M. Millwee, from the USA, for having revised my translation of this tale, corrected some mistakes and suggested several improvements which I welcomed and hastened to introduce.

Parikerav andar ilestar, John! T’aves baxtalo.



  1. Li, I am very happy for you, to see this, a Labor of Love, completed! It is at once a simple, yet profound, story of which I hope there are readers who will pick up on subtle literary devices to decipher the broad and deep range of bittersweet experiences entailed in this wonderful story of a lonely firefly’s life of giving Love & Light. I am honored and proud for you! Thank you,
    phral ! . . . with a big hug!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You leave me speechless, my dear friend ! What could I respond to this , besides recalling my love and deep respect to you ? I’m honoured and proud to know you, and to hug you back very warmly.


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