Silent Girl in Earthly Colours

My late younger sister in her earthly ephemeral colours -now lost-.

This photo is as beautiful as the larger, true-coloured one, on her profile:, or on mine:; and for the same reasons -among them, because the model –she- was beautiful-, but mainly because her dreamy glance and subtle smile tell us a deep secret. And this secret is Love.
(She gave much Love, and now she’s surely corresponded as she deserved: with eternal Love. God bless you Ari!)


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3 thoughts on “Silent Girl in Earthly Colours

  1. To behold even a picture of her still leaves me breathless and speechless; I’ll never really know now how much we’ve lost.
    As she was already an angel fallen to this cruel earth, heaven is surely blessed to have her, and God has surely blessed her.
    I love you for Eternity my dear Ariti, you still live on in my heart!:)

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